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Heading home! // Reflections on Freese’s Game winning Home Run in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series

As I watched game 6 of the 2011 world series (Cards VS Rangers) something hit me as Freese hit the stand up homer to win the game.

Once his team saw it was a home run, they all rushed the home plate to wait for him to come home. You could see that Freese was excited about what just happened, but his buddies at home were cheering, they were yelling they were partying! And all their eyes were on the runner as he rounded 2nd toward 3rd base. The home-plate crew got more and more excited and as the runner rounded 3rd base and headed for home, his attention turned from the crowd to home base and the biggest smile and excitement on his face.. almost this giddy-like energy on his face as he knew the grand welcome he was about to get..

You can see him think, wow, Im almost home, wow, I made it, wow I did it! I did what I came to do, I cant wait to get home!!

And then it happens, Freese transitions from being a lone runner to being enveloped into the crowd of his cheering team mates as he puts his final foot on home base his team out of excitement attack him and literally rip off his outer shirt, and Freese is hailed as the hero!

As I was sitting on my couch in excitement of the moment and spent emotionally from watching how the game unfolded I was caught up by one of the most moving pictures to me of what that final home-coming into heaven is going to look like!

The bible says in Hebrews 12 that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on from heaven.
In life as we move along in the purpose that God has for us and head toward 1st base, and getting then to head toward 2nd base in life feels so good, like your really getting somewhere and by the time you hit 3rd base you’ve left a legacy, it feels so rewarding…

oh, but nothing, and I mean nothing will compare, when we can hear God saying in our ear, well done… its time to come home… and you round 3rd to head home.. oh, the joy, the unrestrained joy that will fill our hearts… visions of that cloud of witnesses waiting to receive you and the amazing warmth of being enveloped into the very presence of God!! And then literally the old exterior being ripped away and discarded as you are clothed with a new glory and new robe!!

Fully you, fully alive in him!!

Wow, I know I got a lot to do yet on this earth, but when I’ve fulfilled my calling, I cant wait to push off that 3rd base and head home!

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